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house for spiritual exercises & tourism


You can feel that joy that lives in nature...
the enthusiasm fills each part of you!

Le Camere

Roisc... a real experience!

It is easy, for real. Everything starts at the beginning of a road which seems to end in the forest. A sense of joy overwhelms you, the blue sky... even if sometime it is full of rainy clouds. The air smells of wood, rocks in a way that you can find only here... in the Dolomites. 


You can get a room with a panorama both on the wood and on the mountains. There is light, silence and peace. No luxury here... only what you really need. 

The apartments

Two wide, comfortable, sunny apartments with balcony... here you find your indipendency, your silent home in the Dolomites!

Apartment 1

Apartment 2


-the bright sun light in the morning

-see wild animals at the sunrise and the sunset

-fresh water in the fountain: it is fresh, sometimes icy... but it is pure

-you can see a beautiful green colour during summer, that makes your eyes feel better, and a pure white in winter that covers the trees and the rocks aroud us

-the silence... so that you can hear the voice of the robins here

-peace: you can find it only if you are out from the center of the town


Not just "a bar": the sight!

Take a break, add a deep breath and stop. Here you find peace, balance... nature is our SPA. It's tea time? Well, try our home - made cakes and pies. They give you the real feeling of home


Restaurant "Simply well done"

Our cuisine is fresh, innovative... we put in it our tradition and story. We select our raw materials and choose quality not quantity. And we do the same with our suppliers. 

An interesting surprise: our wine selection comes from Trentino Edmund Mach Foundation and Mastrocola Foundation from region Marche.  

Special Location

It seems that we are completely out from all services... it isn't so. Why? Because every service is very closed to us, in fact, the center is only 10 min walking far away from La Lum de Roisc! Surrounded by the woods, the atmosphere is perfect to regain your natural balance. Nature is all around us... around you! 

Private Car Parking


Near Soraga and Moena city center

Private Shuttle

Near the bicycle track

Trekking Starting point

Far from traffic 

Near Onlylight shop!

Dove siamo
Consigli su cosa fare

What to do nearby...

There is an easy e panoramic walk that starts from our house and gets to Moena and San Pellegrino pass. It is generally sunny and particurarly adapted for families adn people who can easily walk. You can do it also in winter. From there, you can take beautifuc pictures of the Catinaccio peaks: this is the perfect set to recharge your natural batteries!

For those who want to walk through the wood there is an easy, well signed walk that gets to Pianac. You can smell the scent of the trees, the rocks, the mud, the natural humus. And, if you are really lucky, you can also meet some... natives: deers, foxes, mushrooms and birds..